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Unlock your life lessons and life purpose through Akashic Records

 By Dr. Manmit Kumarr, Founder, Soul Miracles – Globally Renowned Spiritual Master

How do you find happiness, fulfillment, and purpose in life? Even though some lessons can only be learned through experience, realising what’s important and worthwhile can happen at any age. All you need is a curiosity for learning about yourself and a desire to advance personally. Think of your life’s purpose as a golden thread. For some people, this thread manifests as a particular career or line of work, while it takes the form of a particular way of being or form of expression for others.Once you’ve absorbed the lessons, you can use them to improve your happiness and general well-being at any age.

The Things Everyone Should Know About Akashic Records –

There is a belief that the Akashic Records are a collection of Records or books that detail our soul’s journey. All of our previous lives are, in a sense, documented in these books. These books contain a record of each and every act, thought, deed, and act of karma that has ever been imagined, contemplated, or carried out.

Despite the fact that some people think the Records are on the fifth dimension and others think they are on the seventh, the Records actually exist on the akasha plane. Additionally, it is true that they exist as a component of our own Soul.

What role can the Akashic Records play in our lives?

Our Akashic Records assist us in understanding our current life map by allowing us to see our journey so far, and why our current life is the next step in that journey. A deep understanding of our Karma can be received by knowing our Akashic Records. 

We have the chance to learn new lessons through people, health problems, money, and relationships in every life. We can learn about the lessons we have learned at the soul level by reading the Akashic Records. 

If someone’s lesson in life is courage, they will need to take risks. It’s possible that a person feels extremely at ease in their familiar surroundings. However, if they are given the chance to study abroad, they will need the courage to do so. Akashic Records can help that person comprehend how learning a lesson about life by moving to a different country will benefit.

To conclude, as we go through this life, it is important to understand that our soul is a student. Until our lessons are learned and our karma is balanced, we will keep reincarnating to repeat those lessons. Knowing our Akashic Records allow us to work on those lessons now. Each lifetime in this place serves as a class to advance, or ascend, in terms of soul development. In order to heal and live intentionally, the Akashic Records enable us to see what we have accomplished on our soul journey, what trauma we have experienced, what blockages we currently face and have faced in the past, and why.

Dr. Manmit Kumarr

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