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Zoya Presents Beyond–A Boundless Journey

Zoya, the exquisite diamond boutique from the House of Tata, presents Beyond—A Boundless Journey.The co9llection was introduced recently, by celebrated designer Gauri Khan. She was joined by Ajoy Chawla, CEO Jewellery Division, Titan and Amanpreet Ahluwalia, Head of Business, Zoya.

Speaking on the occasion, Ajoy Chawla said, “Beyond – A Boundless Journey, is Zoya’s most anticipated launch.Zoya, with its eye on the world, has a soul rooted in India and its heritage. The grand tale of the Indus is both authentic and soul stirring,and sowe thought, who better than Zoya, to translate that inspiration with outstanding fines and without compromising modernity or style! Zoya’s continues its proud tradition of narrating unique feminine stories. This collection is a labour of love that we hope will immerse people in its magic of its timeless narrative as much as the exquisite artistry of each piece”

Gauri Khan shares, “Zoya has always impressed me with jewellery that is timeless, yet has a contemporary expression. With Beyond – A Boundless Journey, the atelier  presents a magnificent collection with artistic pieces that are worthy of a connoisseur’s collection and a narrative that will charm every heart.”

An Ode to the Feminine Spirit

This collection captures the essence of a woman’s journey through the course of her existence, finding  inspiration in the glory of the Indus. The narrative celebrates the feminine spirit as a force of nature drawing an analogy from the passage of the rivers (through genesis, conflict, turbulence and calm) expressed through the line-up with exceptional gemstones. Statement pieces are set apart by purity of form and graphic lines to create an imperial look with an exceptional combination of stones to present a contemporary collection of timeless classics.

About the Collection

An ethereal play in the celebration of emeralds and morganites.Glaciers, waterfalls, ripples and a stream–the collection captures the flow of the waters in all its spirited nature. Light reflects subtly on the surface of the rivers in hues of champagne, rich tones of green, sparkling whites, moody blues and blush pinks.

 ‘A Flush of Evergreen’ takes on a larger challenge with the complexity of design crafted in tourmalines, emeralds, pear and round diamonds set in rose gold. This unique piece of craftsmanship is evocative of the might of the river that overcomes obstacles in its path and leaves behind a reservoir of nurturing. Exemplifying the resolute flow of the river amidst stalagmites is ‘Myriad Framed Perspectives’ born of round blue sapphires, emeralds and baguette cut diamonds styled in a mesh. The formidable spirit of the river is reflected in ‘Sparkling Rapids’ —a statement ring with a tear drop emerald,  glistening pink morganite and baguette diamonds. In ‘Emerald Riversong’ Zoya honours emeralds in their finest glory.


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