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A Treasury of Tales

A bright, bold and versatile collection in diamond and gold, embellished with precious stones from the House of Tata.  Colors create strong visual effects and the designs blend a touch of fine with stylish and contemporary appeal

 Design Aesthetics

 Looking West, the course of the radiant sun and moon is imprinted using yellow sapphires and diamonds in pieces inspired by the Norwegian fairy-tale – East of the Sun and West of the Moon.  The occult plumage of the firebird that glows brightly emitting red, yellow and orange gleams; and the three galloping horses that depict the transition from day to night from Russian Folktales inspire a range of rings and earrings crafted using diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Twelve Dancing Princesses of the German folklore are portrayed in boat-shaped diamond earrings and jhumkas settled with alternate diamonds and rubies. The intricately designed huggies earrings depict the elegant beauty of the swans of the German fairytale – Wild Swans. In the folklore of Native American tribes’ turtles are considered lucky, often associated with healing, wisdom and spiritual knowledge. Zoya’s Treasury of Tales gives form to this ancient belief with brilliantly cut diamonds and rubies with shapes inspired by these gentle creatures. Every aspect of this collection reflects Zoya’s fine tradition of design, craftsmanship, and quality without compromise.

Turning East, the Japanese stories – Matsuyama Mirror and The Firefly Princess sparkle with themes of love and contentment. The gleaming earrings in diamonds are reminiscent of flickering fireflies and the cyclic journey of life while the imagery of mirror reflections has been captured in rings crafted in the finest rubies. The popular Chinese mooncake made during the mid-autumn festival is seen in a motif used to design a ring while a rose inspired cut-out in a gold-topped ring renders the Chinese folktale – The Blue Rose. Inspired by the great adventures of the Arabian Sailor, Sinbad on the ocean, leaning diamond lines curve into waves symbolizing the powerful water of the sea. The truly heroic tale of Scheherazade has been used in designing earrings with a beautifully placed emerald at its heart.

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