Cocccon Day 2 Sustainable Stories


Cocccon’s fashion experiments in direction by Prakash in his native state Jharkhand. Thus helping silk farmers, spinners, and weavers to work directly from their own regions. 

The “Purn Vritt” collection presented by Cocccon was an Avant-Garde look at. Ensembles by the Indo-German designing duo, Prakash and Georg.



Following all the sustainable practices, Cocccon is one of the most respected globally for its fashion aesthetics, as well as innovative design sensibilities. Project Cocccon is GOTS, WFTO, OCS certified and won the German Sustainability Award Design 2021. The collection resembled the indigenous performing art of Jharkhand, which spoke about conflict between circular (Jeevan Chakra). And linear (Jeevan Rekha) lifestyle. The process of Seri-cultural was performed with strict organic methods and zero carbon measures as well as zero-waste techniques. The plastic-free collection instead, worked with natural resources like bamboo or cane. Unveiling a line of amazing, futuristic, space age like garments made from biodegradable materials. That had no trace of negative impact on earth. The principal base was the organically produced Ahimsa or peace silk. Where the silkworm completes its life cycle and emerges as a beautiful butterfly.


  • Geometrical prints, Block prints, circles, squares, rectangles and linear patterns
  • Silhouettes quite comfortable yet amazing in shape and form
  • Besides the organic silks, the unconventional blends also added
  • The ensembles came together in an amazing style and design, in the luxurious peace silk but with a very Avant Garde appeal yet looked as if almost ready for an outer space trip.


“As a designer I must say this was a wonderful opportunity where I could transcend the horizons following up with the design process, prints, garment construction and the outcome as a conglomeration of all efforts. I won’t say this is all I could give in, to the whole world, but I would be more than happy if my collection could inspire the socio-psychological vision towards fashion and can bring up a sustainable lifestyle.”

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