FDCI India Couture Week 2020

Day 6

Sindoori by Anju Modi

A collection that goes back in time to the roots of the brand, to the core of its layered, exquisite workmanship, to the soul of the Anju Modi woman. Memories of the past are given new life, crafted into modern heirlooms to last a lifetime.


Finding her muse in art comes naturally to Anju Modi, she looks at everything from the intensely feminine works of Raja Ravi Varma to the intricate detailing of the miniature painting tradition

Fabric Story

 mashru from Gujarat, kinkhabs from Kashmir, especially-weaved brocades from Benaras with unique motifs like kalash, as well as Tanchoi silks.



·         Signature mix of textile innovation and exquisite embroideries.Archival textiles and heritage embroideries are reborn, reimagined and reinvented with a contemporary eye.

·         Outfits accented with ethereal crafts like zardozi with dabka and mukaish and a sprinkling of foil print.

Color Canvas

 A good mix of creamy ivories, marble tones, haldi hues along with fiery reds, purples dominate the palette.The colours, the timelessness and versatility of the lehengas to be able to mix-and-match with other pieces like crop tops, shirts and bottoms will get more mileage out of the garments for years to come.




Collection Note

She is Innocence.

Adorning herself for a sacred moment, readying herself for a divine ritual, a loving promise that will change her forever. Water and milk anoint her, purify her, prepare her. Turmeric and sandalwood paint her, perfume her, bless her. She is a dream in creamy ivories, a moving sculpture in delicate marble. She is all skin and shyness, with flashes of curiosity and wonder, awaiting her beloved.

She is Mischief.

Teasing and feisty, artful and whimsical, a free spirit tamed by her own joyful heart. She dives into forgotten memories, searching for stories woven in cloth, tales written in thread. She is a vision in radiant ochres and mossy greens, all laughter and play, with moments of sweet defiance. An arched brow, a quiet wink, a dimpled smile. She is as much chaos as calm, as much sweetness as spice.

She is Passion.

Savagely beautiful, fiercely feminine, a woman rapturously in love. She waits, brimming with tenderness and ardour, ready to embrace her new life. Chants reverberate deep into the earth, swelling through the corridors of her heart; the holy fire burns both outside and within. She is a rhapsody in deep, powerful crimsons, with blazes of fiery purple. She is both princess and queen, lover and beloved, disciple and goddess.

She is Sindoori.

Sindoori is a very special, lovingly crafted couture collection that heralds a new dawn for the brand, that paints a dream of colour and memory.

Jewellery partner: Krishna Jewellers

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