HOUSE OF THREE By Sounak Sen Barat and Anu Shyamsundar Presents KUMARIKANDAM at Lakmé Fashion Week’s Sustainable Fashion Day

Thursday, 13th of February 2020 @ 3:30 pm

Collection Note

In line with their design philosophy of combining the textiles, crafts and aesthetics of 2 states every season, KUMARIKANDAM is an amalgamation of Tamil Nadu and Bengal, seamlessly marrying their rich textile heritage, aesthetics and crafts. Silk Kanjivarams super fine Bengal cotton muslin, taanths and jamdanis fluidly coexist, highlighting the unique graphic character of both textiles.

Hand woven check patterns, temple borders, Kolum and Alpona motifs blend together with ocean life prints and embroideries to create a harmonious marriage of contrasting yet common elements that are so integral to both cultures. The ocean life print very subtly includes 3 Vishnu Avataars, namely Matsayana (fish), Kurma (tortoise) and Kalki (horse) which they have interpreted as a seahorse.
Fashion, like every other expressive medium, is a reflection of the times we live in. As designers they don’t just create textiles and clothing that adorn the body. They try transcending to an empathetic and inclusive belief system that is holistic and all encompassing of the various aspects of life – the body, mind and soul (Atma/Brahman) – the House of Three.

2 states, 3 handloom clusters, 3 Master weavers across Kalna ( Tantajo By Rajib Debnath ) Kanchipuram and Kumbakonam will come together to create a narrative drenched in heritage, history, philosophy and a soulful tranquility, that evokes an ethos of integrity (Dharma), life Spirit (Prana) of a collective consciousness, an ancient macrocosm we call India.

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