Love, accept and rejuvenate your skin with these New Year Skin Rules

By Isha Bindra, Communications Manager, Kiehl’s India

The ease of putting all skin types under one category is now a common practice. While skin types are broadly divided into three to four categories, we know better. Just like everything about you, your skin is unique. It requires special care and attention, especially if skin sensitivity is a concern that you have regularly dealt with. 

The last year was tough for all of us but what it brought to the forefront was the need to take care of ourselves. As we excitedly welcome the new year, we hope the importance of taking care of yourself doesn’t take a backseat.

To help you plan better, we have a bundle of information that will arm you with the most sought-after skincare routines.

Resolve to solve the Maskne mystery

‘Prevention is better than cure’ – an adage that we all swear by. But, what happens when you are greeted with maskne? A type of acne that occurs from wearing a face mask. Not only is it difficult for your skin, but it also discourages one from wearing a mask regularly.

Among the few ways to keep your skin safe, we highly recommend washing your masks regularly, sticking to a three-layer cloth mask and using a hydrating cleanser that keeps it supple and soft. A moisturiser that is free from ceramides can also greatly help prevent these breakouts. Using an alcohol-free toner after mask usage will rid your skin of germs and bring in a refreshing smoothness.

Let your skin breathe


Pamper your skin and let the magic unfold. We all know that sometimes ‘less is more’. Give yourself a break from makeup and let your skin heal. We recommend using healing moisturisers or all night hydrating face masks that will give your skin the nutrients it needs. A recovery oil or a cleansing oil that is non-comedogenic is strongly suggested.

Treat yourself to a home spa

This one is a clear favourite especially if you have hectic working hours. A skinspa ritual every 15 days not only rejuvenates your skin but it prepares your skin for harsh weather changes and scattered routines. All you need is a facial cream that is suited to you, a cleanser and a face mask that brings back the glow without leading to an-after-facial-breakout.

Excessive screen time calls for effective eye care


Working from home can be a tad stressful for your eyes. Increased screen time can lead to puffiness and dark circles. And let’s be honest, we hardly pay attention to this very important part of our face. An eye cream with retinol, peptides and vitamin A, ensures faster stimulation for better nourishment and makes sure that the undereye area is healthy. An eye cream with shea butter is also a great addition to your skincare regime.

Your skin deserves a dedicated skincare routine that is seamless, convenient and completely suited to your needs. Make sure to put yourself first and see the difference. Here’s hoping for a rejuvenating, glowing 2021.

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