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Malaika Arora, Shikhar Dhawan, Aishwaryaa Dhanush and Sarvesh Shashi announce 1 year of free yoga with SARVA for a healthier 2021

Targeting to positively impact the lives of 5 million users through our one-year free yoga and mindfulness program across the globe in the next 365 days

 The COVID-19 crisis placed a huge burden on people’s mental and physical health and well-being across various age groups. The year 2020 was therefore one of change, reckoning, transformation, and shift towards a better lifestyle. Taking this biggest learning forward, some of India’s biggest names have come together to offer one-year of free yoga and mindfulness for a healthier 2021 with SARVA, India’s fastest growing yoga-based wellness ecosystem. 

The offering includes FREE content from the app. These include different kinds of yoga workout videos, different audios of guided meditation, mindfulness music, sleep stories and more and curated healthy recipes to try for a holistic transformation. 

In a fun and insightful discussion Co-Founders of SARVA & Diva Yoga –  Sarvesh Shashi, and Malaika Arora along with investors Shikhar Dhawan and Aishwaryaa R Dhanush discussed the benefits of yoga and the impact that it has had on them all through 2020. 

Sarvesh Shashi, Founder, SARVA and Diva Yoga said, “2020 has been a year of fight, acceptance and gratitude for almost everyone across the world. Continuous evolution became a way of life as the times challenged us. On one hand as we closed most of our studios, we believe that digital health and wellness will be the cornerstones of our life in the years ahead as reinforced by the recent pandemic. The practice of yoga can go a long way in helping us stay fit both mentally and physically. I have undergone a 360-degree transformation ever since I started practicing yoga since the age of 6 and I wish to help people reap the same benefits across the globe. Our quarter on quarter revenue growth of over 50% since our digital launch in April 2020, goes on to show the increasing need for yoga in our lives. It was also heartening to see positive sentiments of users towards what we are doing and that the future prospects for both SARVA and yoga-based health & wellness look promising”

Malaika Arora, Co-founder, SARVA and Diva Yoga said, “Yoga is holistic in nature and is one of the best mechanisms for overall physical, mental & emotional health! I’ve disciplined myself for the last 25 years and have learned so much in that time through Yoga. I’ve discovered that the body responds positively to nutritious food and wholesome experiences. I truly believe that the benefits of yoga aren’t just skin deep. The limitless power it possesses can be wielded with more additions like a Sattvic diet and simple breathing techniques that can literally rejuvenate one’s self in minutes. The pandemic has reinforced why it was one of the best decisions to have inculcated yoga into my routine and the SARVA app has been my enabler.” 

Shikhar Dhawan, Cricketer and Investor SARVA said, “As an athlete, it is imperative to have an optimal balance between physical and mental health. For me, Yoga has been my biggest healer to attain that balance to enhance my game and performance on the field. Additionally, at a personal level too, it has helped me to evolve at an emotional level, which helps me to meet the ups and downs with the same mindset. SARVA, with its new app, offers me the benefit to practice Yoga even when I’m on tours and I believe that it will help to evangelise and assist easy adoption of Yoga with a large audience.”

Aishwaryaa R Dhanush, Director and Investor, SARVA said, “I am extremely focused on my physical and mental composition. Yoga is my ‘go-to’ method for keeping myself in a healthy space at all times. During the pandemic when I spent all my time at home and had to maintain a balance between my kids and work, it is yoga that helped me maintain the equilibrium. There are so many benefits for the body and mind and depending on individual needs. I always find the right yoga and mindfulness content on the SARVA app. Even when I travel due to work or recreation, I make it a point to practice yoga every day.”

SARVA recently relaunched its app in an all-new version with over 1500 hours of Yoga and mindfulness content which makes it probably the largest content bank for a yoga app in the country. The app has yoga modules across various categories like Therapy, Restorative Yoga, Traditional Indian authentic forms of yoga, Yoga for kids of all age groups, Yoga with props and more by various instructors from authentic yoga schools from India. It offers live classes 15 hours a day x 7 days a week.  Personalization has been taken a step forward with features such as goal-based program recommendations catering to people at different stages of their yoga practice (such as beginners, intermediate practitioners and advanced ones) to ensure holistic transformation of body and mind. Further, the app enables users to track their progress.

SARVA has been instrumental in making yoga and mindfulness fun, particularly during the current times, when immunity boosting, physical & mental wellness and health is key. The brand is working towards connecting 7 billion breaths. SARVA 2.0 aims to be the one-stop app that brings forth traditional yoga suited to modern exercise forms and meditation to enhance physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 

The music and mindfulness section has eclectic musical compositions, and 20,000 minutes of content sourced from global composers. SARVA already has a blanket license for the entire Myndstream music catalogue from Cutting Edge, a leading independent music publisher. 


SARVA is India’s fastest growing yoga-based wellness ecosystem. The brand was founded by Sarvesh Shashi and has notable investors like Jennifer Lopez, Mark Mastrov, Alex Rodriguez to celebrities, influencers, and experts like Malaika Arora, Aishwaryaa Dhanush, Shikhar Dhawan, Shahid Kapoor etc backing it. It is also backed by institutional investors the likes of Fireside Ventures, Mantra Capital and the Cutting Edge Group to name a few.  The SARVA App currently hosts a range of content across Mind, Body and LIVE workouts & aims to be the one-stop solution for everything wellness. 

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