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Understanding the luxury fabric market, we indulge in an interaction with Malcolm Campbell (Advisor, Moda Biella) who sheds light on the current issues faced by the luxury fabric market and the role of sustainability. He also takes us through the design language and designing process while also sharing tips on how to take care of such fabrics and additionally highlighting the forecast for the global luxury market in 2021.

 What are the current issues being faced by the textile industry and the luxury fabric market?

The current issues being faced by the textile industry is that the lead engine of the train of “Retail” has been halted by Covid 19, shops are closed, and all the carriages behind it have been stopped, all the way back to the tailors, the weavers, the spinners and the graziers in Australia, new Zealand and Tasmania, who grow the Merino wool fleeces for the Moda Biella Cloth.

With Natural Noble Fibres, while sales may stop, the beautiful natural product keeps on growing … Merino sheep have lambs, the fleeces on cashmere goats continues to grow, silk worms turn in to moths, flax field grow and blossom, you cannot stop the nature friendly and eco sustainable process of growing Natural Fibres which is what Moda Biella use.

So while the train may stop, the early stage processes must continue, in the hope that the market recovers, and the Indian consumer appreciates that a better, more robust, distinctive and long wearing product is better than less expensive disposable fashion.

At Moda Biella we are hoping that the Indian customer joins The Guild of Distinction, and buys more options of a better bespoke tailored product when the catastrophe is over next year.

 How are established textile and apparel brands within the industry trying to become more sustainable?

Moda Biella are probably the leaders in the field of sustainability, by using only natural fibres of Merino wool, Cashmere, Silk and Linen within their collections. 

Our production facilities are carefully monitored and controlled for high levels of energy saving and low usage of power and water.

Our spinning creates a good robust yarn with few faults which weaves faster, our looms weave at high efficiency with few faults and stops needing less power and our finishing routes use nature friendly chemicals and effluent water treatment.

Our staffs are managed well and our corporate social responsibility in India and Biella is second to none, we care for our community.

Other established textile and apparel brands within the industry would do well to follow the example set by the design, production and sales teams of Moda Biella.

 Elucidate on the design language and overall process of designing at Moda Biella. What makes Moda Biella stand out?

Moda Biella looks back as well as looks forward. We analyse what has worked in the past, not just last season or last year, but in history. What have been the iconic cloths, what have been the fashionable colours. We then look to the future, to the new generation, the younger customer.

The young man of today does not want to look like his grandfather or his father, he wants newness, he wants his own style, his own look, his own statement.

Within the Moda Biella collection we cater for the three generations, of Grandfather, Father and Son.

Cloths, Textile Designs and Colours to suit each age group and make each look stylish in their individual way.

We are fashion forecasters …we predict the future in style and elegance.

If you want to know the future styles, colours and trends, it is easy …ask  Moda Biella because we know.

Our designers are the best, our colourists are the best, our manufacturing unit is the best, our finishers are the best, and our sales team are the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable…Moda Biella wins on all counts … it has to be the best weaver of luxury fabric in the World … ever!

How should one take care of the luxurious fabric?

Taking Care of luxurious fabric and stylish sartorial clothes is not difficult if you work with Moda Biella, we teach you how to do it.

Our garment care booklet “Smart Sartorial Yarns – Looking Good on Arrival” explains how cloth is controlled by the crimp of the Merino wool, how creases can be formed and how the wearer can take care of his clothes through simple procedures that avoid the need for harsh dry cleaning.

Brushing your jacket and trousers after wear to remove dirt and dust, steaming your suit when ironing your shirt or having a shower, hanging your clothes neatly overnight for creases to drop out, and when travelling folding your clothes neatly in your suitcase to avoid crushing.

Four simple rules to keep your clothes looking as pristine as the day that they were presented to you by your tailor … brush; steam; hang; fold.

You deserve to look good, look proud, to be smart, be a man of distinction, wear Moda Biella and enjoy that experience.

 Your forecast for “The global luxury fabric market – in 2021″

The future is glorious, life will return to normality with heightened feelings of love and appreciation for both mankind and nature. 

Values will change; there will be more respect for health, for well being, for protection of our planet and for loving.

Happiness will return to the World.

There will be a move to quality, to robust performance of all aspects of life, be it material possessions or clothing.

Luxury noble fabrics offer the best, why should you not expect the best.

Disposable clothing will become a thing of the past as the Indian customer looks forward to protecting and caring for his clothes of quality.

High esteem will win over low prices, quality will dominate quantity.

Enjoy your wardrobe, enjoy your look, hold your head high and be proud, like a peacock.

Join the Moda Biella Guild of Distinction in 2021 and beyond, and strut your style.

When the pandemic is over we see a return to bright colours and fancy designs for jackets and bright colours for trousers, to celebrate the joy of living and the happiness of life.

A new look to the sartorial suit, with small check designs and texture weaves will create a new less formal look that is nonetheless smart and stylish for a new beginning.

About Malcolm Campbell

Malcolm Campbell began his career in this glorious textile industry in 1969 , as an apprentice weaver and textile designer for A&J Macnab of Haddington in Scotland , he attended the Scottish College of textiles in Galashiels on block release , and in 1975 was awarded the City & Guilds of London Institute certificate in Textile Design and Colour , and Business Management . In 1975 Malcolm moved to Yorkshire as assistant designer with Hirst & Mallinson of Huddersfield, and in 1978 was appointed Sales and Marketing Director of West Riding Fabrics in Leeds. He moved in to the retail sector, and back to Scotland, in 1983 with The Edinburgh Woollen Mill, as design and marketing Director, and in 1990 , moved back to Yorkshire as  design, sales and marketing Director for the Parkland Group . Malcolm was appointed Managing Director of Alexander Drew, textile printers in Rochdale in 2000, and in 2002, became Marketing Director for The Woolmark Company, in Likely , until 2007 , when he joined the Holland & Sherry Group as sales and marketing Director. 

Malcolm is currently working with Moda Biella. 

Italian Luxury Brand Moda Biella (Moda Biella- Launched by one of India’s largest fabric manufacturers, OCM- The company’s ownership lies with the promoters of the Donear Group.)

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