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In the hustle and bustle of life, we often tend to push family time aside for all our other responsibilities. Now you have the option to maximise your Family Time, with the current situation of the COVID-19, and with most of the world coming to a standstill, RCI encourages you to stay home and stay safe. Here is a list of top 5 bonding activities by RCI for some quality time with the FAM, go ahead and try the same with your family.

Family Night: Choose a night each week that is always family night. Everyone should know what night this is. Keep it scheduled and don’t let anything fall in its place. Every week each member of the family gets to choose the ‘Movie of the day’.  What a better way to end the night with a great movie and a hot bag of popcorn or maybe a game night, where the whole family gets together and plays games that help us re-learn the Maps and countries of the world. You can pick your next destination to travel once we are done with COVID-19.

Exercise Together: Physical activity and sunshine is great for everyone but when you do it together as a family, you build those relationships at the same time. Win-win!! Staying at home can become lethargic and boring for the body. Everyday, make time to do basic exercise like stretching, yoga, or running around your garden.

Read Together: Gather all the books in your house. Find a list of great chapter books for whatever age your children are. Before bed, read a chapter together. Reading together makes for great conversation and bonding time. And if a movie was made after the book, go watch it on ‘movie night’ together!

Share Family Stories: Find time to share stories about your family’s history. Dig out your old photo albums and look through them with your children. Add new pictures to the family collection together and make this a regular activity. As your children grow into their teenage years, finding time will become even more difficult. Save these memories. Click many pictures and keep adding them to the Family albums so you can look back at them some day.

Cook Together: When you make dinner, ask one of your children to help you. We know this might make the dinner process a little longer, sometimes a lot longer. But if you help your kids get familiar in the kitchen when they are younger, it will be easier for them later; they might even thank you for it someday. This will also be a great time to spend time together and learn together. You could choose any country where our resorts are across the world and pick different cuisines to choose from.

There are so many options out there for family time. Make it simple. It doesn’t have to be a huge deal! Just make sure you do it! We will enjoy life better if we enjoy life with the ones we love. If you have any new ways to spend Family time during this crisis,

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