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New Year celebrate

Here are the reasons                                   

 (By Mr. Rajesh Shetty, General Manager, The Acres Club and The Fern Residency)

The New Year is a time to celebrate the hope of the next year and cherish the moment of the past year with friends and loved ones. Even as an increasingly large number of urban families and millennial youth opt for holidays to international destinations or hop on to pubs or just stay in for low key house parties, there are those seeking a more relaxed experience, with food and lively ambiance, without stepping out of the city or country.

Private clubs are stepping up their game to fit this void. Essentially based on a membership model, private clubs have been the exclusive social network in the real world, before the advent of the digital era. With a shifting focus on celebrations that are inclusive of senior members of the family as well as kids, more and more families are opting for private clubs as a choice to ring in the New Year!

Listed here are some key features that are driving this trend:

  1.  Family Friendly Ambience: Private clubs offer thoughtfully designed spaces that cater to the needs of every member of the family. From safe, kid’s friendly areas and special activity zones, to relaxed and comfortable set up for senior citizens, there is something for everyone! More so, with other families also participating, there are fun group activities for all age groups, ensuring everyone has fun while also spending time with their kids and parents.
  2. Extended circle of friends: The annual membership format of these private clubs ensures that over a period of time, long term bonds and friendships are formed, which create an enthusiastic environment around celebrations and festivities. Further, with a host of events, including sports and leisure activities, time celebrating at the private clubs ends up being more satisfying and enriching
  3.  Quality entertainment: Having a select set of patrons with defined tastes, enables the Private clubs to organize and host-specific curated events that would be enjoyable by its members. This becomes significant in case of festivities or special celebrations, including new-year parties, where patrons can look forward to customized events that suit their tastes and enjoy them in the company of extended family and friends.
  4. Quality F&B: No party is complete without scrumptious food and, just like curated events, private clubs also host elaborate lunch and dinner spreads. With a wide variety of international cuisines to authentic Indian recipes from across the country, F&B offerings are not only highly anticipated but also well supervised and trusted for their hygiene and quality ingredients.

Even as Indians move on to enjoy international trends when it comes to celebrating festivities, especially the new year, we continue to remain an essentially family-oriented society and tend to intrinsically seek a balance that allows us the individual freedom while enjoying quality time withyour loved ones. Private clubs are offering those spaces within the city limits, re-creating a new fabric for social interactions and growth.

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