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Nexa Presents Amit Aggarwal

Amit Aggarwal presents pret collection inspired by the impeccable NEXA experience.

Amit Aggarwal’s collection, titled “Core,” reflects his signature philosophy while aligning with NEXA’s ethos of ‘create and inspire.’ The collection is designed to encourage customers to express their true selves by seamlessly integrating new pieces with their existing wardrobe. The focus is on easy-to-wear, effortlessly stylish separates made from luxurious fabrics such as silk, cotton, and rubberized textiles.

The collection includes a range of garments, such as shirts, tops, capes, and structured jackets, showcasing the designer’s constructed approach to fashion. These versatile pieces are intended to elevate basic outfits for various occasions. Notably, the collection embraces gender fluidity and sustainability, featuring clothing crafted from upcycled materials. This reflects a commitment to responsible fashion practices and a desire to contribute to a more sustainable industry.

Amit Aggarwal’s collection is deeply rooted in technology, structure, and a futuristic approach, in synergy with NEXA and its values. The garments, designed in metallic hues and sheens of blacks, silvers, whites, and blues inspired by NEXA’s cars, aim to effortlessly conform to the wearer’s body.

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