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Open Air Wellness Carnival at DLF CyberHub

The “Gurugram Wellness Carnival” held at DLF CyberHub was a vibrant gathering that left attendees invigorated and motivated to prioritize their health and wellness. It served as a reminder of the importance of prioritizing health and wellness in our lives, while also providing a platform for learning, exploration, and celebration within the community. Presented by FindYourFit and Cult in collaboration with DLF Malls and Active Gurugram, the event saw esteemed figures from the health and wellness industry coming together to celebrate holistic well-being.

Steadfast Nutrition, serving as the Nutrition Partner, added to the richness of the experience, emphasizing the importance of nutrition in overall wellness.

Luke Coutinho, Founder of Luke Coutinho Holistic Healing Systems, expressed his pleasure at being part of such an event, highlighting how it epitomized the essence of holistic wellness and provided a platform for individuals to nurture their well-being.

Siddhartha Natu, Vice-President and Cluster Head of Haryana Cluster and Pan India Office Amenities, underscored the event’s significance in integrating wellness into everyday life, announcing plans to host similar events in Chandigarh and Chennai to address the concerns of modern lifestyles.

The carnival featured engaging panel discussions led by industry experts, covering topics such as the Ayurveda advantage, resilience-building, and celebrating everyday victories. Renowned names like Vicram Sharma, Dr. Shelja Sen, and Kairavi shared their insights, enriching attendees with valuable knowledge.

The Wellness Bazaar was a prominent attraction, showcasing products and services from leading fitness and nutrition brands, while diverse workshops covering art therapy, healthy probiotic smoothies, and more offered participants the opportunity to explore various aspects of wellness.

The carnival concluded with an exhilarating animal flow workout led by Garima Gambhir and a dance fitness party led by Shwetambari Shetty, ensuring a memorable end to a day filled with wellness and vitality.

About FindYourFit:

FindYourFit is a wellness experiences platform that curates events and retreats focused on holistic well-being. Co-founded by two visionary women, FindYourFit hosts day-format festivals and residential retreats across boutique resorts in India, providing diverse activities and experiences to promote wellness.

About Active Gurugram:

DLF Malls – Active Gurugram is a wellness initiative aimed at promoting an active and healthy lifestyle among the residents of Gurugram. This involves various activities and events focused on fitness, well-being, nutrition, mental and physical health fostering a sense of community..

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