#DuggaDugga Campaign

The #DuggaDuga campaign by POND’S is an empowering initiative that celebrates the often unacknowledged women artists who create Durga idols for Kolkata’s Pujo pandals. This campaign gives a glimpse into their unique stories and journeys in a profession that has traditionally been male-dominated.

The use of the term “DuggaDuga” itself seems to be a play on words, invoking the heartbeat of Durga, and emphasizing the emotional and artistic connection these women have with their creations. The campaign not only highlights the artistic talent of these women but also showcases their resilience and determination in pursuing a path that has typically been less explored by women.

It’s important to recognize the cultural and artistic significance of the Durga idols created for the Durga Puja festival in Kolkata. These idols hold a special place in the hearts of the people, and the women behind these works of art play a crucial role in bringing the essence of the festival to life. By sharing the personal stories and experiences of these idol makers, POND’S #DuggaDugga not only pays tribute to their artistry but also promotes gender equality, women empowerment, and the idea that women can excel in any profession they choose. It also underscores the idea that the beauty and strength of women are reflected not only in the idols they create but in their own life journeys. This campaign serves as a heartwarming reminder of the importance of celebrating womanhood, diversity, and the beauty of art in all its forms.

On ground, the stories have been brought to life with a mural of Durga, created with illustrations of the 4 local sculptors behind the Durga: Upasona Chatterjee, Aditi Chakraborty, Suchana Samanta, Sumi Majumder – working away at their art. Located in Deshpriya Park in South Kolkata, the 32 x 32 ft. painting holds QR codes – each a portal to the story of the sculptors and their journey in bringing out the beauty of Ma Durga.

Harman Dhillon – Vice President Skin Care & Color Cosmetics, Hindustan Unilever Limited said, “POND’S has always stood to be a brand that goes beyond external beauty. This year we are delighted to celebrate 4 brilliant idol-makers through the #DuggaDugga campaign. Their beauty shines through their artistry, resilience, power and strength. POND’S is delighted to share stories of these wonderful women behind the divine idols.”

Below are the stories of the 4 women that inspired the campaign.

Upasona Chatterjee: Upasona grew up in Kolkata and it was almost as if becoming an idol maker was in her destiny. At her very first Pujo, she was asked to carve the idol and she rose to the occasion. This life changing moment led her to pursue art in college as opposed to her parent’s will of wanting her to pursue a formal education. For Upasona, she highlights Durga Maa’s beauty through the subtlety of her work, believing that the goddess and her mother are her biggest supporters.

Aditi Chakraborty: Going pandal hopping with her husband and witnessing all the beautiful Durga idols, inspired Aditi to follow her artistic side. She wanted the opportunity to display her creativity by making beautiful Durga idols and her belief that the pandal visitor witnesses the idol’s eyes and face first, inspires her to put in an extra effort into bringing out those subtleties. She always has her son around, who was born physically challenged, when working on her idols as the both of them listen to their favourite songs. She channels the happiness of her son’s bright smile into the beautiful idols that she makes, something that inspires her even more and makes her feel unique and precious.

Suchana Samanta: Suchana studied at Visva Bhararti University after her secondary school and it was her father Bimal Samanta, a theme artist who started making Durga Pujo Pandals that inspired her to venture into the profession. Today, having worked together several times, she reminisces back to the times when she would travel back to Kolkata as she would look forward to helping her father with idol making and decoration with great fervour. Over time, inspired by her father’s work ethic, today along with her team, she puts in relentless hard work for 3 months prior to the festival to make sure that the entire event culminates beautifully.

Sumi Majumder: Sumi first started performing Durga Pujo in 2013 with her husband, both of whom share a common love and enthusiasm for the festival as they work together to make beautiful idols. Ever since childhood, Sumi,

has had a great passion for the Pujo, believing that her devotion and love towards Durga Maa gives her the strength to always keep going and overcome obstacles by her hardwork and love for the festival.

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