Product Placement: Home Decor by Studio Olives Cre

The Horse Bust :

Made up of Resin & plaster of Paris, hand painted in metal look

The artist has showcased its taste for angelic beauty. As it is rightly said, “everything is beautiful, but not everyone can see it.” The face of a horse showcases eternal beauty gazing itself in the mirror. It is just a marvelous piece of art, which leaves you speechless.

The Birds in The Cage :

Made of metal

The artist has tried to showcase a princess who has a heart of gold. The traits of gratitude, kindness, and optimism have embraced her completely, being around with reins of the society where she hardly has freedom, she still believes in having faith in one’s dreams and someday rainbow will come smiling on the way, no matter how her heart is grieving today, she is holding onto her dreams in a hope that they will come true one day.

The Horse trail :

Made of stone base, metal horses over the seasoned (adjusted moisture content ) wooden log.

The artesian had tried to showcase some majestic Arabian horses, symbolizing strength and endurance, whinnying and neighing together with the tuck-a-tuck sound of their hooves, galloping one behind the other in a chase to prove the best. “ Horse, thou art truly a creature without equal, for thou flies without wings and conquest without a sword “

The statue of gratitude :

Made of resin and plaster of Paris, hand painted in metal look

The artist has tried to showcase a soul which is full of gratitude towards its creator. It says “Practice gratitude relentlessly. A heart full of gratitude is like a magnet which attracts miracles. “ The entire being is saturated with gratitude and soul experiences happiness which is beyond boundaries.

 Products by: Studio Olives Cre

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