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A new range of immunity drinks and supplements to complete your diet. These immunity boosters can help your immune system. Get stronger to fight against inflammation caused by the virus and other allergens.   

Giloy + Tulsi Juice –

Giloy Tulsi Plus+ is a unique traditional herb. That boosts immunity level which balances all three Doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha). Also, Giloy Tulsi Plus+ is a unique combination of science and nature. Scientific studies have proved that Giloy possesses immunostimulatory properties due to the presence of (1,4)- -D- glucan (Rr1). It flushes out the excess toxins from the body.

Giloy-Tulsi-Juice Proveda India

Panch Tulsi with Ginger drops –

It is one of the best examples of Ayurveda’s holistic lifestyle approach to health. Considered as a potent adaptogen, Panch Tulsi and Ginger have a unique combination of pharmacological actions that promote well-being and resilience. This combination increases anti-oxidant molecules such as glutathione. And enhancing the activity of antioxidant enzymes such as superoxide dismutase. And catalase, which protect cellular organelles and membranes by mopping up damaging free radicals caused by lack of oxygen.

Panch-Tulsi-with-Ginger-drops Proveda India

Dr. Immune Drops –

Nutricio Dr. Immune Drops is a mixture of Rama Tulsi, Kala Tulsi, Vishnu Priya Tulsi, Sweet Lemon Tulsi, Bisva Tulsi, Curcumin. It is an instant immunity booster, gives you good health, protects you from diseases and helps you to live a good healthy life.

Pro VItamin C++ Effy Tablets-

Nutricio Pro C++ 1000 mg fully dissolvable orange flavored effervescent tablet, makes up into a Vitamin C drink in a readily absorbable form. Helps in strengthening the immune system, an antioxidant to protect against damage of free radicals.

Multivitamin Soft Gel –

Multivitamin-Soft-Gel. Proveda India

Nutricio Multivitamin Gold enriched with a premium blend of vitamins and minerals to help in providing the key nutrients required for everyday life. With the goodness of Ginseng, Grape seed and Lutein helps in overall well-being and keeps mentally alert and physically active. Modern day food habits don’t provide proper nutrition and that’s why we need multivitamin supplements to re-vitalize the body and to keep you protected from the damage caused by harmful free radicals.

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