Rise of Sustainable Fashion

By Sakshi Goel, Founder of Rent N Flaunt, an online luxury rental platform

Over the last decade the cost of glitz and glamour of the fashion industry came to light. The surge in fashion trends courtesy of the film and fashion industry, gave birth to fast fashion. The evils of fast fashion not only from the environment point of view but also ethically was uncovered. How these so called big brands were ruining the very people who were creating and wearing it, was appalling to witness. This awareness led to the rise of sustainable and slow ways of fashion. Not that it never existed

Our rich culture shows how poignantly artisans weaved their crafts over decades and even centuries. There was a beauty in their craftsmanship and a sense of honesty towards everyone involved including our planet. Thank God that conscious lifestyle and symbiotic living is again making a comeback. People are drifting towards eco friendly labels and brands with soul.

Millennials and gen z are waking up to the reality of the curse of mass production. There’s also a surge in thrift stores, upcycled brands, conscious labels finding alternate textiles. Rent N Flaunt also came into existence with the same thought in hindsight. We wanted to provide an alternate lifestyle to the flawless fashionista who wishes to express through style.

We wanted luxury to be affordable and sustainable, that’s how the idea of subscription based rental came into life. This way you don’t have to repeat your accessories, it’s convenient and easy on the pocket, and also it reduces our dependence on over production. This also motivates consumers to explore a minimalist lifestyle that allows people to be mindful about their choices.

Sustainable and slow living is going to be the way of life, and it only makes sense. We have to be more conscious about our habits and choices, if we want to last long as a species.

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