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Skin Care Products By iORA

iORAa  luxury self-care brand that deals in a range of skincare products. It has newly launched the Prebiotic Skincare Product Range thathelps with salon-like grooming treatments from the safety and comfort of your home.  The prebiotic skincare range of products are holistic, healthy & natural. This product range promises you a balanced microbiome and a reversal of the experienced skin damage. iORA’s Prebiotic Range is free from Sulfates, Parabens, Artificial Preservatives & Colors.iORA’s products are all made from organic ingredients, are vegan and our brand is cruelty-free. 

Where to buy: WebsitePrice: 499 onwards

Bathing and Body Essentials by Squish Town 

Squish Town, a world full of mesmerizing fragrances with premium bath and body products. Blended with the finest ingredients, sourced from all over the world, and lovingly packaged to perfection. With the transformative power of unique fragrances and the heavenly pleasure of bath & body care, every Squish Town product celebrates the balance of textures, color palettes, and presentation. The products are infused with the aroma of natural essential oils that soothe, invigorate and captivate your heart and soul. Squish town products are vegan, paraben-free formulated, and cruelty-free.

Where to buy: WebsitePrice: 525 onwards

Clean Beauty Kits by BiE

Beauty By Bie pioneers in the Metamorphosis of clean beauty and transformational make-overs. BiE promises a journey of your personal transformation that brings out the best version of yourself at every stage in your life. They express the idea of metamorphosis and beauty through the phases of the moon. A true symbol of radiance, beauty and transformative journeys—the phases of the moon capture the true essence of the brand. Blended with scientific formulations and carefully curated ingredients, the products are backed by 50 years expertise and know-how of the global beauty world.

Where to buy: WebsitePrice: 899 onwards

Avocado Oil by Avomexicano

Avocado oil by Avomexicano is a fast growing company whose vision is to provide the greatest quality avocado oil while also allowing consumers to benefit from its nutritional benefits. Avomexicano is one of the first ever avocado oils to be introduced in India. Avocado oil is such a diverse and helpful substance that helps you enhance your life in a variety of different ways. It can not only be used for consumption in your daily cooking, but also can be beneficial for your hair and skin. Cold-pressed, Keto and Paleo friendly, non-GMO, they set the standard for high-quality oil.

Where to buy: WebsitePrice: 899 onwards

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