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The 5th edition of the Annual Saudi Cup

The 5th edition of the annual Saudi Cup, held over the weekend of February 23rd and 24th, was not just a showcase of equestrian talent but also a celebration of Saudi heritage and culture. Organized by the Jockey Club of Saudi Arabia in collaboration with the Saudi Ministry of Culture, the Saudi Cup stands as the pinnacle event in the Kingdom’s equestrian calendar.

The event featured a selection of dirt and turf races, including the Saudi Invest International Jockey Challenge, the Al Mneefah Cup sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, and the prestigious $20 million Saudi Cup race. It attracted the world’s finest thoroughbreds, purebred Arabian horses, trainers, and jockeys.

Within the Obaiya enclosure, the Ministry of Culture curated a unique cultural experience centered around the Bisht, the traditional men’s cloak. Guests were treated to a variety of activities celebrating Saudi culture and heritage, including traditional fashion showcases, artistic displays, and live music performances. The Bardakh stage, named after the final stage of the Bisht’s creation, hosted captivating performances, including contemporary live music by “Saheel,” inspired by the enduring bond between purebred Arabian horses and Saudis.

The Saudi Cup has long served as a platform for attendees to pay homage to the Kingdom’s rich heritage and diverse culture. Racegoers adorned themselves in traditional attire from the Kingdom’s 13 regions, incorporating modern touches for a unique and individualistic flair. To celebrate this fusion of tradition and innovation, The Fashion Commission, under the Ministry of Culture, presented the ‘Saudi 100 Brands’ initiative, featuring designs from Saudi designers who reinterpreted fashion styles of the past through their own creative lens. Additionally, in collaboration with Hia magazine, the Walk of Fame provided a celebrity-carpet-entrance moment, allowing racegoers to showcase their fashion sense and style.

The Saudi Cup weekend continues to be one of the most prestigious and eagerly anticipated events of the year, seamlessly blending sport, culture, and fashion. It has welcomed some of the world’s top racehorses, jockeys, and trainers, while showcasing the best of Saudi sport, culture, and fashion on a global stage.

This year’s prestigious Saudi Cup was won by Senor Buscado and Jockey Junior Alvarado, along with winning the biggest prize of the race, the prizewinner was also presented with a handcrafted rug designed by the Ministry of Culture.

Held for the fifth time in 2024, the Saudi Cup is the annual sporting and social event of the Riyadh calendar. It offers racegoers an opportunity to enjoy the thrill of world-class racing, immerse themselves in the culture and display their finest attire. The wide array of cultural activities organized by the Ministry of Culture also provided guests a stunning experience of Saudi heritage and equestrian tradition.

About the Ministry of Culture: 

Saudi Arabia has a vast history of arts and culture. The Ministry of Culture is developing Saudi Arabia’s cultural economy and enriching the daily lives of citizens, residents, and visitors. 

Overseeing 11 sector-specific commissions, the Ministry works towards the support of and preservation of a vibrant culture that is true to its past and looks to the future by cherishing heritage and unleashing new and inspiring forms of expression for all. 

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