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Unleash your inner child this Children's Day

Childhood obsessions can turn into your career options  

This Children’s Day  bring your inner child back into focus and celebrate that innocence and world of possibilities again. A few designers tell us a bit about their childhood inspiration that led to their career paths of today.  


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It’s often said that if you are obsessed with something as a child you are likely to make it your career option. And that is exactly what Priyal Thacker, founder, and owner of Enrico Eyewear did. She has been a sunglass junkie all her life, and today, her daily work is a constant reminder of her childhood.
“I love carnivals. And every time I would visit one, I would need a souvenir, it could be a cap or a pair of sunglasses or a soft toy. At a point I had, what can be termed as a collection of sunglasses and my father then started refusing me to get more. Lucky for me, my childhood infatuation is now my career, and every day I keep that child who was ogling and searching for something more to get her hands on at every funfair.”

The warmth of grandma’s love
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Grandparents are a huge part of our childhood. The warm hugs and amazing dishes are just an add on! Reminiscing the time spent with them and revisiting those memories would surely open a Pandora’s box of emotions! 
Nandeeta Manchanda, founder, and owner of ENN’s Closet said, “I,as a kid loved when my grandmother applied her homemade DIY recipes on my face and hair. It was fun, educating and filled with a lot of love. Growing up, the idea of pampering somehow shunned and got limited to salons and parlors that lacked a personal touch and warmth. To keep my inner child alive and let it play out once in a while, I indulge in an at-home pampering session with Enn’s Face mask, Hair masks, and oils. This weekly pampering keeps me away from the stress and reminds me of my carefree childhood spent with my grandmother.”


Colours are fun
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As the phrase goes, curiosity never killed anyone. So experimenting with different things not only broadens your horizons but also lets you discover the multiple facets within you. Designer of the brand Vedika M, Vedika Mehr believes that when you experiment you learn newer things. 
“As a child, I have always loved playing and experimenting with mixing of colors in different forms. Each color brings out a character, feel and emotion. To date, I still do that while creating prints for my brand.”
Childhood = Ice Cream
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Relishing on those sugary munchies and candy floss could probably sum up our childhood. The late-night strolls and the starry skies can take you back to the time you loved and cherished. Menswear designer, Kunal Anil Tanna takes a nostalgic tour,
“Revisiting childhood memories always bring back the inner child in me. As a child my father drove us for a drive which would end up at an Ice Cream shop in South Bombay and we would indulge in chocolate dripping swirly cones and their famous chic-choc.. we still do that every once in a while and as always I find the little starry-eyed kid in me feasting on those yummies.. another would be my stash of comics. I must have read them 100 times and each time they fascinate me even more.”

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