Vidya Narayanan, CEO and Co-founder, Rizzle

·        Considering the current situation, where apps are being denied (banned) what has Rizzle to offer?

Rizzle launched in a world where TikTok and other apps were very much present and made strong progress in India and in the US. While most other short video platforms have focused on song and dance and track-based recording alone, Rizzle developed its own unique identity. Rizzle has channels and episodes to make it suitable for short-series like content. RSeries is the main highlight of Rizzle where creators bring mini vertical series in comedy, drama, mystery, and other genres. Not only this, our in-app features like B-Rolls, Prompts, Collabs, etc are one of its kind and makes us stand apart from the rest.

·        How is Rizzle different from other content creation apps and what’s the vision of the brand in India?

Our aim is to transcend the face of vertical short video space. As a 60-seconds original content app, Rizzle acts as a portfolio for all the talented and budding content creators where they can not only showcase their talent but also learn and hone their skills. As a part of RStudios, we are hosting free dance and acting workshops for anyone who wants to learn. We are constantly looking to add value to creators. Millions of people in India dream of being stars – Rizzle Studios will help them realize their dreams. Whether it is grooving to music as a hobby or taking the first steps to become a professional actor, we welcome people to join RStudios and be the star they can be.

We’ve carved a niche in the vertical short videos and vertical-series space (RSeries); it has also proven to be instrumental in providing a creative environment to digital content creators of all kinds. In a very short span of time, Rizzle App is lauded for its compelling features and also its foray into the otherwise untouched vertical-series space. With Rizzle, Indian short video users can watch interesting short vertical-series on their smart phones.

Another thing that sets Rizzle apart from the other short video apps is the video-to-video response. While most of the other platforms allow chats and comments, on Rizzle, you can only respond to the fellow creators via videos and that’s one of the steps that we’re taking towards creating a positive, uplifting entertainment space.

·         Since the app focuses on episodic series, what’s ‘Akhri Dinner’all about?

‘Aakhri Dinner’ is a short, original web series based on the PUBG ban in India. It’s a blend of comedy and the relatable everyday reactions of all the PUBG addicts. For more details, download the Rizzle App and watch Aakhri Dinner.

·        Do we hear that quite a few influencers/celebrities have also hooked on to be an app? Do you personally think that has an impact on the audience?

That’s correct! We have received a lot of attention from the B-Town and social media influencers. Karan Sharma, Sumit Kau, Nibedita Pal, Mannara Chopra, Gaurav Wadhwa, to name a few have been creating original content on Rizzle regularly and are extremely popular among the creators.

Splitsvilla fame Nibedita Pal, who is one of the most loved celebs on the Rizzle app said, “I like how Rizzle doesn’t have the comment box and instead has a response video feature which makes it stand out from the rest.” Nibedita can be seen creating videos on her makeup, painting tips, workout, etc. Sumit Kaul, who joined the app a couple of months ago said that “the kind of adulation you get from the Rizzle community is unseen anywhere else and I’m grateful for that”.

·        Does the app also have an initiative of bringing about a change in the mindset of the audience through its ‘comments’ section being removed for the safety of women?

It’s definitely a step towards building a positive and inspiring community sans hatred and negativity. Our decision to completely do away with a comments section comes at a juncture when social media platforms across the world are grappling with issues of user safety, especially when it comes to female content creators. ‘Comment’ sections on social media apps have inadvertently become a playground for bullying creators.

 keeps the keyboard warriors and trolls away, and is focused on building a positive community that listens, speaks, argues, debates, and supports.

With the absence of comments and chat, creators are left with no choice but to show their face in anything that they create. This helps us in keeping the feed clean as creators are often accountable for their words. One of our most popular female creators Pratibha Mod said, “Rizzle App’s biggest asset is its positive community. If someone wants to give feedback on your content, they can only do so via video responses. Since they have to show their faces, they refrain from abusive or bullying language and are accountable for everything that they say. Our team is 24×7 available for their support and provides instant help in case of any problem.

·        Who are your current competitors and what differentiates you from them?

There were several challenges for us competing with big players, of course. If you have deep pockets in this industry, you will make a dent. That’s just a fact.  Companies like Triller and Sharechat are raising big money, and others like Instagram and TikTok already have deep pockets. Look at Instagram: the really popular creators will be successful because they have an established following.  But just like it’s hard for a normal person to get visibility on YouTube, it’s hard to get noticed on Instagram.  It’s so saturated. What’s appealing about TikTok, and why I think it took off, is that anyone can produce a video and if it’s good it can go viral. 

But the TikTok ban in India and its muddy situation in the US has created a climate of uncertainty for creators. It’s given them a reason to diversify their presence across multiple platforms. Rizzle presents an opportunity for creators to showcase a different style of content and push their limits of creativity.

Our approach is rooted in the product, design thinking, and reimagining the future of video, rather than one that’s heavily dependent on celebrities or influencer marketing. We’ve made several bold decisions that deviate from the norm: we don’t allow text comments, for example, and require responses to be in the video. We also focused on original content first; until a few weeks ago, it wasn’t possible to upload pre-recorded videos on Rizzle. Our users had to create using the Rizzle camera. We’ve since opened uploads, but creators have to be cleared for original content first. And we’ve also integrated monetization via sponsorships.  Some of these decisions have been instrumental in helping us build a strong community: our power creators create upwards of 50 videos a day and host Instagram Live sessions on “Rizzle Influencer Hour” and team together to create tweet storms about Rizzle every Monday.

Rizzle is democratizing content creation and leveling the playing field for everyday people like you and me to pick up their smartphone and efficiently create and host a talk show or series with episodic content. Our platform combines 60-second original, user-generated video content with a response system that allows the community to talk about what they’re viewing in real-time and at scale. Over a million videos have been created on the platform since it formally launched in October 2019 — and that doesn’t happen without deep user investment in the app’s growth.

We’re really focused on turning everyday creators into storytellers — and to usher short video entertainment into the next era. Think about how TikTok has married user-generated content with song and dance — that was once only the purview of musical artists and movie studios! In the same way, we’re democratizing short series production. Web series are currently made by very few creators, and even fewer outlets exist to discover that content.  We want to change that.

About Rizzle

Rizzle, is the new content generation app which has now got a number of celebrities and has launched its new series ‘Akhri Dinner’ an exclusive web-series under the banner of RSeries made by No Filter, a Mumbai-based ad agency.

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