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What to wear and what not to wear on Holi : Mr. Puneet Yatin Jain Directors ODHNI

The festival of colours, Holi, is just around the corner and the age-old question has once again raised its head – what to wear and what not to wear? While there is no hard and fast rule, you should keep two benchmarks in your peripheral vision when picking out the Holi attire. Firstly, it should be fashionable. Secondly, the clothing should be comfortable, given all the running and chasing that takes place during the festival. So the idea is to go for something that establishes a balance between fashion and comfort.

Pick the right fabric

Holi is a pretty physically demanding festival, and as such, you need a fabric that is comfortable and will help you get through the day. Things can get pretty hot and humid and therefore, you need a breathable fabric. The best fabric option for Holi is undoubtedly cotton. It’s light, it’s comfortable and it doesn’t stick to your body if it gets wet, helping you avoid any wardrobe malfunctions and subsequent scandals. A full sleeve dress, white or printed as per your taste, is the ideal choice for Holi.

Clothes that are see through or that cling to your body must be avoided at all costs. Also take care to not wear something too expensive. Clothes worn on Holi are a one-time wear and it doesn’t make sense to spend too much money on them.

Ethnic and Western wear: What to pick and what to drop?

The speciality of Indian ethnic wear is that you can never find a boring outfit in this section. With a myriad of options like printed, embroidery, or coloured plain fabric, ethnic wear is a perfect fit for Holi. Pair your outfit with a dupatta or a scarf to reflect the colours of Holi. Bangles also do a great job in augmenting and accentuating that festive spirit.

If you feel comfortable in Western wear, you can go for a brightly coloured tank top with a pair jeans or if you’re feeling up to it, hot pants. Throw a scarf around your neck to jazz it up even further. Avoid dark colours and go for jubilant, vibrant ones, as they’ll reflect the colours of Holi very well and make you shine like the Sun. The important thing to note is to not wear anything that makes you feel conscious as you’re required to be pretty active during the festivities.

Footwear: What works and what doesn’t?

Flip-flops are undoubtedly the best choice of footwear for Holi. You can go for plain ones or colourful ones depending on your taste and the best thing is that they go well with Indian wear as well as Western wear. If you don’t want to go for flip-flops, Kolhapuri chappals are a good alternative.

Heels are a big-fat-no! You don’t want to sprain or worse even, dislocate your ankle and miss out on all the fun and festivities. Also, you don’t want to ruin your favourite pair of heels. Shoes are also a no-no. They get wet and soggy and then it becomes a tedious task to carry them around, not to mention the strange, queasy feeling you have to bear with, walking in wet shoes.

Holi is a festival that lets you unleash your wild side, which makes it so much fun. But among all the mirth and merriment, do not forget to take care of yourself. Remember to wear sunscreen to avoid getting tanned and sunburned. Also, oiling your hair is a must to keep them protected from the Sun, the dust and most of all, the colours. Follow these tips and celebrate your Holi in style.

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