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Toxic Relationships

     Article by Sanjana Bafna Ranka, Founder of The Equilibrium

Every relationship has its own ebbs and flows. What seems like a fairy-tale beginning can have a ghastly end. A have-it-all partner can pan out to be a good-for-nothing person as the years’ pass by. People involved evolve with age and the relationship transposes as well

Being adjusting and accommodating are the necessities for a relationship to be long-lasting. But the difference in a toxic relationship is, it becomes an imposition and prepossession.

You may be stuck in a toxic relation if

Ø  You constantly feel drained and enervated when you are with that person.

Ø  You often question your own sanity because of the nasty blame-games.

Ø  It is always your fault.

Ø   Your amour propre gets chafed by fighting your battles all alone.

Ø  You feel cramped and fretful.

Ø  You avoid bringing up some topic because it may trigger him/her.

Ø  You just can’t afford to say a no. It is always his/her way or no way.

Ø  Meeting friends and having social life has become a distant dream.

Ø  Disagreements turn into nasty fights and it is never resolved.

Ø  You have gone a long way from yearning-for-love to yenning to be left at peace.

Ø  You’re constantly belittled in front of others and then blame yourself for not being able to take a joke.

Ø  You physically, emotionally, and physically hurt.

When the relationship turns bitter, we expect things to resolve on its own, or believe our partners will realize their mistakes and make amends. But more often than not that’s never the case when you are involved with a toxic person.

How can we desist it from pulling us down?

Ø  Accepting that you are in a difficult situation, dealing with an unhealthy relationship can help you regain your lost self-worth.

Ø  You are not responsible for other people’s emotions. It is more important to take responsibility for how we react in an unpleasant situation.

Ø  Control the urge to please that person. Nothing can appease such people.

Ø  If you are involved with an over-dependent person, try to set healthy boundaries and me-space.

Ø  Try not to react when belittled and stop feeding his/her ego.

Ø  Try physically distancing yourself from the other person by indulging in your favorite hobbies or finding a job for yourself.

Ø  Try explaining your feelings when he/she is in a receptive state.

Ø  Involving other family members or friends can ease the situation a bit.

But if the situation goes out of control and if physical abuse is involved it is better to seek professional help.

The Equilibrium believes that every individual needs to have a healthy mind, emotional well-being and an active lifestyle to enhance their life experiences.

Their mission is to build awareness amongst people about how it’s extremely important to talk & get help for issues related to emotional and mental well being. The Equilibrium helps individuals overcome barriers that turn out to be an obstruction towards their growth as a person.

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